Splitting Lies by Emma Jaye

Criminal Delights: TAKEN

Splitting Lies

by Emma Jaye

I’m drowning in myself, ripping apart.

Torn from my life, I’m in a world I don’t understand. There are no masters, no kneeling, and no loving punishments to keep me grounded.

Despite the smiles and care Jiao provides, I’m not his priority. I believe his concern is genuine, but his interest is professional. Casting my world into history is his aim, and for that I can’t trust him.

The voices are getting louder; I’m losing time. I need to hold on; need to stay loyal. Master will come for me soon, and blood will wash my sins clean. I refuse to imagine what they will do to the man who stole me.

Kaspar’s mental health is shot to pieces; he’s flipping between personalities. I wish I could give him what the psychiatrist says he needs… time. But lives depend on the information locked inside that gorgeous head. How can I crack his loyalty to the centuries-old slaver organization that has already tried to kill both of us, without breaking him completely?

My boss says it’s a price she’s willing to pay.

I’m not so sure.


Themes: Slavery. Mental Health Issues. Abduction. Witness Protection. Assassination. Work vs personal life conflict.

Genre: Dark, psychological/thriller M/M romance.

Warnings: Violence. High angst and explicit steamin’ hot sexual scenes.

HEA ending. 2nd in a series.


This story is a sequel to Sweating Lies by Emma Jaye: