To Have and to Hold by Abigail Kade

Criminal Delights: TAKEN

To Have and to Hold

by Abigail Kade

My name is Worthington Winters, and I have a confession before I die. I know he’s a killer. I know one day he’ll even kill me, but I don’t care. Because I feel more free with my Captor than I ever did with my husband. My husband courted me, seduced me, ensnared me, then subjugated me in my own home. He would push and I would bend. Until one day he pushed too far, and I fought back. I escaped and thought I was free, but I was so wrong.

Now my Captor has me in his grasp. He’s supposed to squeeze me until I give him the information I took from my husband. I’ll never do it, so I know I’m destined to die. But he’s beginning to see beyond my scars, beyond my shriveled heart. He’s forcing me to look, too. As he makes me look into the darkest depths of my soul, I find my truth, who I truly am and want to be. As strange as it may seem, through the sweetest pain and most exquisite torture he inflicts, I finally feel free.

The truth may give me a new life I never knew existed. If I can survive.